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City, Culture and Society (Volume 3 , Issue 1) is published.

Publisher: Elsevier

Dear Colleagues:
We have published a study on the history of the city of Osaka.
If you have interested on it, you can be free download on the sciencedirect now.
City, Culture and Society
The Urban Social History of Osaka: A Study Focusing on the Lifeworld of the Urban Masses

1. Takashi Tsukada, The Urban History of Osaka
2. Daniel Botsman, Recovering Japan's Urban Past: Yoshida Nobuyuki, Tsukada Takashi, and the Cities of the Tokugawa period
3. Hiroshi Niki, The City of Osaka in the Medieval Period: Religion and the Transportation of Goods in the Uemachi Plateau
4. Shigeru Yagi, The People Connected with Vegetable Markets
5. Toru Morishita, Stevedores and Stevedores' Guilds
6. Naoki Tani, Town Carpenters and Carpenters' Groups in Osaka
7. Yoshiyuki Taketani, Construction Workers' Guilds in Early Modern Osaka
8. Yutsuki Kanda, The Traditional City of Osaka and Performers
9. Takashi Tsukada, The Hinin and City Neighborhoods of Nineteenth-Century Osaka
10. Ashita Saga, Urban Lower-Class Society in Modern Osaka
11. John Porter, Poverty, Disease, and Urban Governance in Late Nineteenth-Century Osaka
12. Jeffrey Hanes, Progressivism for the Pacific world: Urban social policymaking in modern Osaka

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