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2015/02/23 URP International Colloquium

URP International Colloquium
"Reconsidering and Re-conceptualizing Urban Regeneration in the Kansai Region"

Uta Merkle (Department of Geography. Ruhr U. Bochum) will be presenting on her comparative research of metropolitan transformation and renaissance policy in Japan.

23 Feb. 2015, 13:00-15:30
@ URP Takahara Hall 1F

Uta Merkle (Department of Geography. Ruhr U. Bochum) "Steering Metropolitan Transformation Processes in the Context of Urban Renaissance Policy in Japan: Global Competition and Coopetitive Governance in the Kansai Region"

Toshio Mizuuchi (URP) "Introduction of Urban Regeneration Research Project of URP"

Geerhardt Kornatowski (URP) "Conceptualizing Current Urban Regeneration Dynamics in Osaka"

General Discussion