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Core Members

Updated: 1st May, 2016

URP Professors

title occupation name research topic
Director Professor, Graduate School of Law ABE, Masaki An Empirical Research of the Process of Realizing Laws, Social Theory of Law
Vice Director Professor, Urban Research Plaza (URP) & of Graduate School of Literature and Human Science MIZUUCHI, Toshio Socio-political Geography, Contemporary Urban Issues, Homelessness, Urban Modernization
Dedicated Researcher Professor, URP & Guraduate School of Business OKANO, Hiroshi Strategic Urban Administration, City Branding, Creative City Management
Professor, URP & Guraduate School for Creative Cities JEON, HongGyu Housing Welfare, Community Regeneration with Residents of Poverty in Disadvantaged Area of East Asian Cities
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering MIYAMOTO, Katsuhiro Architectural Design, Environmental Noise Elements, Self-managed Publicness
Affiliated Researcher Professor, Graduate School of Economics NAGAO, Kenkichi Globalization and Changes in Urban and Regional Economies, Firm Location and Industrial Clusters
Professor, Graduate School of Literature & Human Sciences; URP Steering Committee NAKAGAWA, Shin Asia Arts Management, Soundscapes
Graduate School of Engineering UCHIDA, Takashi Traffic Engineering, Land Planning
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering KANA, Koichi Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscapes, Technological Development of Eco City Planning
Graduate School of Human Life Sciences; URP Steering Committee FUJITA, Shinobu Dwelling Space and Residential Areas Planning
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Urban Research Plaza PAN, Shanhai Global Business, Foreign Culture Marketing, Business and Intercultural Communication, Actual Use of Foreign Language Education, Advertising
Tenure-Track Adjunct Associate Professor CAI, Kai Control theory for complex networks of multi-agent systems; Supervisory control of discrete-event systems
ENDO, Satoshi Evaluation and Estimation of the Risks and Dynamics of Environmental Contaminants Based on Chemical Analysis and Physical Chemistry Methods
Specially Appointed Lecturer TAKAOKA, Shinichi Creative Utilization of Modern Architecture, Re-evaluation of Post-war Buildings, Architectural Design
Specially Appointed Research Associate HAKODA, Tetz History of Social Thought, Contemporary Sociology, Philosophy of Urbanism
KORNATOWSKI, Geerhardt Human Geography, Urban Sociology, Politics of Urban Regeneration, Housing Poverty
TSUNASHIMA, Hiroyuki Link between Agriculture and Welfare, Participatory Development, Social Inclusion
CHONG, Youngjin Ethnic Minority, Community, Multiculturalism, Local History

URP Administrative Staff

name in charge
KABATA, Shinichi URP Vice Director / Account Manager
KAZUTA, Maki URP-COE / Research Fellows
OGATA, Yuki Urban & Segawa Library / Equipments
HORI, Kumiko URP Steering Committee / Personnel management
ISHIMOTO, Yoshiko Budget spending and Procurement
YOSHIOKA, Midori Budget spending and Procurement
HATOKO, Naomi Budget spending / Personnel management